Bourdelle Emile Antoine (1861–1929)

Herakles Stretching Bow, 1909

Bronze, stone plinth, restored in one place, height 65 cm, width 58 cm, engraved mark Emile Antoine Bourdelle, engraved mark Alexis Rudier fondeur Paris, engraved mark Hekakles Archer, Herakles tue les oiseaux du Stymphale

Estimated cost of CZK 3,000,000-4,000,000. Attached the honorable statement of the owner and a contemporary photograph of Jiří Jaška's interior with a sculpture offered. Consulted with PhDr. Jiří Šetlík. Provenance: Purchased from the estate of the sculptor, painter and graphic artist of Jiří Jaška (1906-1982). The sculpture was cast by the foundry of Alexis Rudier, a French caster who worked with Antoine Bourdelle for August Rodin and other leading French masters. The renowned statue of Herakle, which was already enthusiastically accepted by critics and the public, is an example of Bourdelle's sculpture mastery. It is located in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. One of the most famous sculptures by the French master Emil Antoine Bourdelle, Heracles Archer, was founded in 1909, when Bourdelle was one of the most famous authors. In the same year, Bourdelle's independent exhibition, which influenced a number of Czech sculptors - O. Gutfreund, J. Mařatka, J. Štursa, and J. Horejce, was co-organized in Manes in Prague. Bourdelle, who previously worked in Studio A. Rodin as his assistant and worked with him on many assignments, became independent and unleashed from Rodin's influence and found his own style characteristic of his closed and concentrated sculptural form, monumentality and architectural modeling of figures.

45th Auction 21. 5. 2017

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